In addition to establishing integrated production technology for pure bio-jet fuel, supply chain construction including raw material procurement, product supply, commercialization schemes and economic efficiency will be considered in order to promote the realization of such market in Japan. Four themes were adopted, and contractors nominated:

1. Gasification / FT synthesis technology (raw materials are cracked into a gas mainly composed of hydrogen and carbon monoxide, and the desired fuel is produced using a catalyst)

Edison Power Co., JXTG Energy Co., Toyama University

2. Microalgae-based biojet fuel (marine diatom green algae)

Power Development Co.

3. Alcohol to JET (ATJ) technology

Mitsui & Co., JXTG Energy Co., All Nippon Airways Co.

4. HEFA technology (hydroprocessed esters and fatty acids from food waste)

Nippon Steel Engineering Co., Tokyo University of Agriculture and Technology, Daiki Axis Co.

The budget for FY2019 is 2.4 billion yen

NEDO news release, October 30, 2019

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