Multi-lineage differentiating Stress Enduring cells (Muse) provide an alternative to stem cell technology and do not require recombinant processing for cell differentiation. They were developed by Tohoku University and its spin-off CLIO which was acquired by Mitsubishi Chemical Holding in 2015. According to a recent business meeting, clinical trials for myocardial infarction will begin in FY 2017, with the aim of approval in 2021. The Muse cells are derived by enrichment from cultures of mesenchymal stem cells (MSC) obtained from healthy volunteers. Muse cell preparations used in clinical trials for myocardial infarction will be produced at the Cell Culture Processing Facility (CPC) of Nagoya University Medical School, but Muse cell production for future applications will be moved to a yet undisclosed in-house manufacturing base of Mitsubishi.

Nikkei Biotech, November 29, 2017