Day: 6. July 2015

Collagen vitrigel in bandage films: a promising material for the treatment of skin injuries.

A team around Toshiaki TAKEZAWA of Saga University and the National Institute of Agrobiological Sciences have developed a bandage material based on collagen vitrigel, containing no free water, which in animal experiments led to good healing properties without leaving scars. The development is done in collaboration with Yutoku Pharmaceutical Industry and Kanto Chemical Co. NIAS […]

RIKEN: endosymbiotic bacteria may help termites to degrade lignocellulose

A team at RIKEN’s Biorsource Center has succeeded in genome sequencing of an endosymbiont close to the Dinenympha genus whose DNA could be isolated from protists in termite gut. The genome shows sequences indicating the capacity to degrade lignocellulose. The authors presume that the endosymbionts support degradation of lignocellulose in termite gut to acetic acid, […]

Hokkaido Bioethanol liquidates business, not profitable without subsidies

The company established by various cooperatives and supported by Mitsubishi was established in 2007 in Shimizu, Hokkaido. Originally based on sugar beet as C-source, business was troubled by poor beet harvests and a growing reluctance to use edible raw materials for gasoline production. With growing operating losses and reduced public support, the shareholders decided in […]

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