Day: 2. April 2023

2023/03 Suntory pioneers bowel analysis through gut sound recorded by smartphone The Suntory Group has released “Gut Note,” a smartphone application utilizing gut sound analysis technology which records the sound of bowel movements through the iPhone’s microphone and analyzes it using artificial intelligence (AI) to understand the state of the bowel, and combines it with information such as frequency of bowel movements and condition of […]

NEDO initiates program on “smart microorganisms” producing value products from CO2 As part of the Green Innovation Fund project, NEDO will start the “Promotion of carbon recycling using CO2 as a direct raw material using bio-manufacturing technology” (total budget: 176.7 billion yen). In this project, NEDO will focus on “sophistication of platform technology for modifying microorganisms to accelerate the development of useful microorganisms,” “development and […]

Kidwell Bio prepares clinical study for treatment of cerebral palsy with stem cells Kidswell Bio will soon conduct clinical research using autologous cells for cerebral palsy at Nagoya University regarding the company’s ongoing research on a therapy using deciduous dental pulp stem cells (SHED). In October 2022, Nagoya University  and the company jointly applied for a patent for the treatment of cerebral palsy using HED, for which the […]

Shimadzu Corporation and others establish a consortium to develop cultured meat The consortium is named the “Cultivated Meat Future Creation Consortium” and has a research promotion base at Osaka University. Professor Noriya Matsuzaki of the Graduate School of Engineering at Osaka University, Shimadzu Corporation, and Sigmaxys have been working together to commercialize cultured meat using a 3D printer (see related article below for manufacturing technology). […]

New alloy melts over 2000 C, useful for OLED production processes Under NEDO’s “Strategic Energy Conservation Technology Innovation Program,” Sunrick, in collaboration with Tohoku University and Yamagata University, has been developing vacuum evaporation cells for the formation of organic and metal thin films for organic EL. ) and its single-crystal wire fabrication process, which can be processed at room temperature. The new alloy has a […]

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