2022/06 Dr Foods offers vegetable-based foie-gras burger


Dr. Foods (Shinjuku, Tokyo), a developer of cultured meat and plant-derived meat, announced on June 28, 2022, that it will launch its first product, a plant-derived alternative foie gras. Although not a product made from cultured animal cells, the company used the name “cultured foie gras” because microorganisms are cultured in the manufacturing process. In the future, the company intends to expand into the boundary area between plant-derived meat and cultured meat.

Foto ©Nikkei Biotech

 The new product is made from cashew nuts fermented with malted rice, to which vegetable oils and fats are added. The fermentation process is said to enhance the flavor of the product, and the company has sought to create a dark taste similar to that of animal foie gras. The fat used was selected to have a high melting point and can be cooked by browning, etc. The product will be served as a hamburger at restaurants (WAYBUCK BURGERS Omotesando) from July 2, 2022, and the alternative foie gras itself will also be sold on the Internet.

2022/06 Dr Foods offers vegetable-based foie-gras burger
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