27-8 Grillus, a startup on edible crickets for human nutrition

Grillus is a startup from the University of Tokushima that produces edible crickets and sells cricket-derived as „circular food“. Basic technology consists of mass production of a highly uniform albino strain of the Dipterocarpus cricket, which has been maintained at the University of Tokushima for generations. The crickets are then dried and grinded providing a highly nutritious powder of about 70% protein and 20% fat. Flavor comes from the aroma produced during the drying process. Presently, the company offers 3 products:

  1. “cricket ramen” made from crickets at a ramen restaurant in Tokyo
  2. “cricket miso ramen” made from crickets and miso at a ramen restaurant in Tokushima Prefecture, and 
  3. “cricket rice crackers” with a shrimp-like flavor produced by MUJI Co.

The company is also considering to develop genome-edited crickets with improved taste, reduced allergens, strains that can be bred at high density, strains with a regulated metabolic system for functional components, and strains with higher nutritional value, e.g., increased content of specific amino acids.

Nikkei Biotech news release, August 27, 2021


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27-8 Grillus, a startup on edible crickets for human nutrition
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