Month: February 2017

Maruzen Pharmaceuticals obtains labelling permission good against dry skin” for pineapple-derived ceramide”

The supplement contains glucosylceramide derived from pineapple, and the consumer agency permitted the claim that ingestion helps to protect skin from drying out. Hiroshima’s Maruzen Pharmaceuticals is specialized on health food and food additives and is also developing ceramides from rice and konac roots for treatment of dry skin. Nikkei Biotech news release, February 16, […]

Genomic Medicine Realization Promotion Council sets targets for genome-based medicine

The focus will be on R&D related to the relevance of genetic and environmental factors on diseases such as diabetes, carcinogenesis, dementia, myopathy etc. through clinical research. AMED should prioritize long-term fundamental research on prevention, and also on diagnosis and treatment of diseases where genomic medicine can be implemented within 1 – 5 years. Nikkei […]

Japan’s NISTEP sees China’s scientific research strength approaching that of Japan

According to an article in China Daily, an analysis by Japan’s National Institute for Science and Technology Policy comes to the following conclusions: 1. China’s economic situation is quite stable and its GDP will inevitably exceed that of the US. However, there are risks in China’s economic expansion such as corruption, tax evasion, lack of […]

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