Day: 11. November 2016

New design principle for self-healing polymers by polyrotaxane chemistry

The group of Akira HARADA at Osaka University has developed a new coating material based on polyrotaxane gliding materials. After cutting and scratching, over 80 % is repaired within 10 minutes, and the recovered film is solvent-free. Surface scratches recover within 30 minutes to nearly 100%. Wide applications are foreseen, from car repair to hemostatic […]

Consortium develops variety of disaster robots” for remote control operations”

Following the Fukushima tsunami incident, the government had initiated a program to develop a range of remote control unmanned machines such as hydraulic excavators which can access disaster areas for clean-up operations. In comparison with conventional construction machines, the tele-commanded robots have good dynamic characteristics and haptic force, aiming at accurate and reliable work. The […]

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