Day: 10. March 2015

Nippi Inc. starts marketing iMatrix-511MG, a laminin fragment for the cultivation of iPS cells

In cooperation with the Institute of Protein Research, Osaka, Nippi has developed this engineered product of laminin. The recombinant protein was codeveloped by Kiyotoshi SEKIGUCHI at the Institute of Protein Research, Osaka University, and Masato NAKAGAWA at CiRA, Kyoto University. It allows to expand human ES and iPS cells fast on sheets from which they […]

GTec develops low-cost instrument for nondestructive radioactivity measurement of food

In collaboration with RIKEN, GTec has developed an instrument which allows to measure food without crushing. Low cost molding plastic scintillator (Silicon Photomultiplier Si-PM) and a cylindrical LANFOS (Large Area Non-destructive Food Sampler)” was developed. It can distinguish among radioactive Cs from the Fukushima accident and naturally present radioactive Kalium. “ RIKEN news release, March […]

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