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A quercetin composite is the substance which used Kobe University Professor Kanazawa’s patent extraction method, and extracted a quercetin quercetin glycoside and the protocatechuic acid from the onion integument to high concentration by the fixed molar ratio.
The efficacy has an ultraviolet-rays defense action, an antioxidant action, an antiallergic action, an antibacterial antisepsis action, etc.
Efficacy of the quercetin composite which carried out high concentration extraction by the fixed ratio is improving by leaps and bounds rather than the quercetin simple substance.
The quercetin composite can expect to be applied broadly to cosmetics, quasi drugs, a supplement, food, etc.
International Clinical Research Service applied the quercetin composite which is a natural material, and developed organic cosmetics gentle to skin and the earth.
Quercetin transparent soap and a ケルセア milk lotion employ efficiently the active substance of the quercetin extracted from the integument of the onion to the utmost, and are a child or goods that can use also for sensitive skin feeling easy.
It thinks while continuing using, the natural healing energy which skin originally has is recovered, and it has become a fine skin”, and gets.

Increase Co., Ltd., インクリース研究所
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