Year: 2011

Molecular Dynamics for Antibody Drug Development Alliance Cooperation, 分子動力学抗体創薬技術研究組合 A molecular dynamics antibody innovative drug development technical research association, In order to support and promote research of the latest research-and-development-assistance program utilization of the various functions molecular design antibody which treats relapse and metastasis of cancer” (MDADD: Molecular Dynamics for Antibody Drug Development),

YOKOHAMA BIORESEARCH AND SUPPLY, Inc., 横浜バイオリサーチアンドサプライ A stock Yokohama bioresearch and supply (henceforth, YBRS), It is the venture business launched in Yokohama in August, 2006 for the purpose of doing research etc. to which charge is manufacture-taken and the gene recombination protein bulk drug with which research aiming at drug development, various examinations, a clinical trial, etc. are presented relates. […]

MediScience Espoir Co., メディサイエンス・エスポア The newest positive charge-ized multiplex layer liposome (the 4th generation) is utilized, and highly efficient cosmetics are produced commercially. Furthermore, the new generation (5th generation) liposome which progressed functionality with drugs high internal-capsule-ized technology or drugs mixing technology was under development, and completion of the new product which heightened the drugs effect is aimed […]

Maze, Inc., メイズ In an exhibition booth, since service, case introduction of a product, and the demonstration of software are performed focusing on HiCEP” and “next-generation sequencer data analysis”, please drop in.

Tsuruoka Metabolome Cluster, 鶴岡メタボロームクラスター The Tsuruoka metabolome cluster aims at the mecca of the metabolome research which leads the world based on the metabolome analysis technology developed at the Keio University advanced bioscience laboratory (IAB). IAB is a pioneer of the new life science of the integrated system biology which made full use of IT. Cell activity of […]

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