Day: 24. May 2024

NEDO’s Energy Saving and Non-Fossil Energy Conversion Technology Strategy 2024 NEDO and the Agency for Natural Resources and Energy of the Ministry of Economy, Trade and Industry have identified important technologies that will significantly contribute to energy conservation and non-fossil energy conversion in the future. In order to effectively promote the research, development and dissemination of energy conservation technology and non-fossil energy conversion technology, […]

IQVIA: Japan’s pharmaceutical market 2023 According to a market survey by ISQIA,”anti-tumor drugs” ranked first at 1,959.4 billion yen. The market is overwhelmingly large and continues to grow strongly, approaching 2 trillion yen. Its share of the total market was 17.2%. IQVIA said that in addition to Imfinzi, the anti-CD79b monoclonal antibody conjugated to a microtubule inhibitor, Polivee (polatuzumab […]

Human vaccination with micro algae vaccines? Professor Shinya Miyagijima of the National Institute of Genetics and colleagues have established a new haploid cell line from the microalgae Cyanidium calgarum discovered in acidic hot springs in Japan. The established haploid strain does not have a cell wall. Therefore, it is easy to perform genetic recombination. There is no need to disrupt […]

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