Day: 17. May 2024

Pharma Foods succeeds to prepare fiber materials from eggshell 2.63 million tons of chicken eggs are used annually in Japan, and about half are sold as raw eggs for home use, while the remaining half are used as liquid eggs for commercial use. During the manufacturing process of liquid eggs, am estimated amount of 260,000 t of eggshells and 10,000 t of eggshell […]

Sumitomo announces clinical tests with universal influenza type A vaccine in Belgium Sumitomo Pharma and the National Institute of Biomedical Innovation, Health and Nutrition (NIBIOHN) will start Phase I clinical trials for fH1/DSP-0546LP, a universal influenza vaccine for influenza type A, even if a mutation occurs. Membrane-fused hemagglutinin will be used as the antigen. The membrane-fused hemagglutinin used as an antigen is made by changing the […]

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