Day: 18. May 2023

NEDO supports ammonia-cofired ship engine development NEDO has started the world’s first ammonia fuel mixing test using an actual marine 4-stroke engine with an 80% ammonia fuel mixing ratio, which is planned to be installed on an actual vessel. IHI Power Systems is in charge of the development. The actual engine and its peripheral equipment will undergo operational tests to […]

Singapore Umami Meats develops “cultured fish meat” Singapore-based Umami Meats, a developer of cultured fish meat, has developed cultured fish fillets using a 3D printer in collaboration with Israel-based Steakholder Foods. The two companies held a tasting event in Israel on the same day, and while efforts to develop cultured beef using 3D printers are underway in Japan, the development of […]

Moderna and IBM use quantum computing and MolFormer-XL, a generative AI, for mRNA medicine Moderna and IBM announced on April 20, 2023 that they have entered into an agreement to collaborate on the design of safe and effective mRNA medicines. Under the agreement, Moderna plans to leverage next-generation technologies such as quantum computing and generative AI (Generative AI) to accelerate progress in mRNA drug research and development. Over […]

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