Day: 6. December 2022

Japanese team wins first prize in European competition on artificial photosynthesis The University of Tokyo and INPEX Co., partners in NEDO’s project “Technology Development for the Production of Key Chemicals Using Carbon Dioxide as Raw Material” and with the support of the Research Association for Artificial Photosynthetic Chemistry Process Technology (ARPChem)  have won the first place out of 22 teams  in the competition “Fuel from […]

Cultured Meat Industry submits proposal for legislation on “cellular foods” “Proposal on Rules for the Sale of Cellular Foods and Legislation to be Developed in Japan” The The scope of the proposal covers meat, eggs, milk, and seafood produced by cell culture, collectively referred to as “cellular foods”. The report emphasizesthat these foods have fewer disadvantages, such as environmental impact, than conventional livestock-derived products, […]

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