Day: 6. February 2019

Machines will learn about human communication from data sets including speech, voice, gaze and body expressions: NEDO and Tokyo Denki University

In a program on next-generation AI and robot core technologies, cameras, microphones and sensors will collect abundant data from a group of students involved in discussions, such as remarks, facial expressions, gestures such as arms rising and falling, and gaze. By annotating speech and behavior, it is scheduled to design the next generation AI systems. […]

National Institute for Physiological Sciences (NIPS) successfully uses stem cells to grow mouse kidneys inside rats

The team of Teppei GOTO found that mouse stem cells efficiently differentiated inside rat blastocysts, forming the basic structures of a kidney. After being implanted into pseudo-pregnant rats, the complemented blastocysts matured into normal fetuses. Remarkably, more than two thirds of the resulting rat neonates contained a pair of kidneys derived from the mouse stem […]

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