Day: 17. January 2019

Raman-based FACS and microfluidics allow for label-free sorting of over 1,000 microbial cells per second, application to astaxanthin production

The group of Kotaro HIRAMATSU at the University of Tokyo has combined Raman-based FACS with high-throughput microfluidics. In order to accelerate Raman spectroscopy, Fast Fourier Transform Coherent Anti-Stokes Raman Scattering Spectroscopy (Fast FT-CARS Method) was used which allows to measure about 24,000 broadband Raman spectra per second. If applied to nitrogen-depleted Hematococcus strains, the production […]

Solar Frontier Co. exceeds 23 % energy conversion efficiency with CIS-based thin-film solar cells

CIS type thin-film solar cells which use copper (Cu), indium (In), selenium (Se) as a light absorbing layer are thinner than crystalline silicon type solar cells. Under a NEDO contract, the company prepared cells of about 1 cm2from this material, not containing cadmium, and reached 23.235 % energy conversion efficiency. Ongoing work on scaling this […]

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