Day: 26. October 2016

RIKEN team devvelops simple, low-cost test for oxidative stress in urine and blood

The test uses formyl dehydroepiandrosterone piperidine (FDP) as a stress marker. FDP is formed by the reaction of acrolein with protein amino groups. The test uses the reaction of FDP with 4-nitro-phthalonitrile heated in the presence of calcium chloride. The resulting 4-amino-phthalonitrile exhibits significant fluorescence and can be monitored. The method is much cheaper than […]

RIKEN-led team solves genome sequence of liquorice (Glycyrrhiza uralensis), a component of traditional Chinese medicine

Licorice is a crude drug obtained from the Glycyrrhiza family of plants. Its underground part (enlarged root and underground stem) is called licorice root. Licorice is the most widely used herbal medicine and blended up to about 70% in more than 200 kinds of oriental medicine prescription (Kanpo) used in Japan. In particular, glycyrrhizin, a […]

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