Day: 28. August 2015

RIKEN team develops direct metabolomic assay for plant single cells by live single cell mass spectrometry

The method is based on putting a plant cell in a glass capillary with metallic coating on a nanospray chip and aspirating intracellular components or subcellular organelles. By introducing ionized organic solvent from the rear end of the chip and placing the chip in the vicinity of the sample introduction port of the mass spectrometer, […]

Gravity Co. stem cell culture system ready for NASA space program, support by NEDO

Cell culture under microgravity, as compared to conventional culture methods, has the effect of suppressing differentiation of cells during growth. For the growth of human mesenchymal stem cells at 2G to 3G gravity, a special vessel was designed which allows to grow a large number of cells. An accelerator sensor measures cell expansion in real […]

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