Day: 13. August 2015

Cell Sheet’s technology is used in Terumo product, Cell Sheet further expanding with wider product line.

Apart from myocardial regeneration patch to be commercialized by Teruma, Cell Sheet is working on a cartilage regeneration sheet, an esophageal regeneration epithelial cell sheets and others. Cell Sheet is constructing a Cell Processing Center CPC in the Telecom Center Building in Koto-ku, Tokyo, with a total floor area of 763m2. Capital expenditures are expected […]

Team at Okinawa Institute of Science and Technology participtes in solving genome of Octopus bimaculoides

In collaboration with the University of Chicago, UCLA and others, the genome sequence was solved. Apart from the some 33.000 genes, a remarkable finding are the octopus’s half a billion neurons — six times the number in a mouse — two-thirds spill out from its head through its arms, without the involvement of long-range fibres […]

NEDO project achieves highest-performance supercomputer processor with lowest power performance

In an international competition on low-energy supercomputing, PEZY Co. of Japn won the first 3 ranks in the „Green500 list“ of f power-saving performance. The top PEZY processors achieved 7,031MFlops/ W as the power efficiency of the entire system, with a second and third processor 6,842MFlops/W and 6,217MFlops/W NEDO news release, August 13, 2015

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