Day: 5. October 2011

SOMNOQUEST Co.,, ソムノクエスト the Okinawa クワンソウ eaten when you cannot sleep from the Ryukyu Dynasty age — the present age — Okinawa tradition Shimano — the usefulness is handed down as a vegetable. Som ノクエスト began the proof of the various efficacy by an animal experiment, and the safety test for a maximum of six months over […]

The Institute of Biological Resources, 生物資源研究所

The civilization which progresses and dies was transfiguring human beings into rejection nature, and has produced the modern disease variegated as the compensation. Our company discovered the vegetable kind which has a component which specifies several sorts of plants containing a cancerocidal substance and an antiviral agent, and also shows improving actions, such as diabetes […]

GeneFrontier Corporation, ジーンフロンティア Gene frontier incorporated company left as a wholly-owned subsidiary of Kaneka Co. in October, last year. Gene frontier incorporated company is doing technology transfer of the technology concerned, and introduction of original antibody drug seeds, providing the custom-made monoclonal antibody production service antibody craftsman” which uses the technology of German MorphoSys.

National Cerebral and Cardiorascular Center, 国立循環器病研究センター A national circulatory disease research center (country 循) is a national center which is promoting ascendancy of a circulatory system disease, and was independent-administrative-agency-ized in April, 2010. The hospital” and the “laboratory” were united, the latest research was promoted, and also the “research-and-development base center” established with formation of the 独 method was one-stop, […]

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