[link|79|Keio University, homepage] was Japan’s very first private institution of higher learning, dating back to the formation of a school for Dutch studies in 1858 in Edo (now Tokyo). One of the most prestigious private universities in Japan, it has eleven campuses, mostly in Tokyo and Kanagawa. Ten faculties cover a wide range of academic fields and research activities: Letters, Economics, Laws, Business and Commerce, Medicine, Science and Technology, Policy Management, Environment and Information Studies, Nursing and Medical Care, and Pharmacy. Approximately 30 research centers, including an Institute of Advanced Biosciences in Turuoka, Yamagata Prefecture, make it into one of the primary institutions for advanced learning and research in Japan. Keio has a large number of famous alumni in politics, economy, sports and culture, and one of the largest financial endowments among all Japanese universities. In 2010, ~ 29.000 undergraduate and ~ 4500 graduate (master and Ph.D. course) students were enrolled.

Bio-related research can be found in many of the faculties and research centers. Description will be limited to selected groups of the Faculty of Medicine, to the Faculty of Science and Technology, [link|80|Keio University, Faculty of Science and …] and to the Institute of Advanced Biosciences