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Kansai University develops iron oxide catalyst for high-performance organosilicon synthesis

Under a NEDO contract, the team of Yasushi ODORU at Kansai University has succeeded to substitute the conventional platinum catalyst for  organosilicon synthesis by a catalyst based on iron oxide nanoparticles coated with DMF. The new catalyst has high activity even in small amounts, and can be recycled by temperature change. It can be used as a catalyst for various types of silane coupling agents, such as for automotive fuel-efficient tire additives.

NEDO news release, April 15, 2019


RIKEN team develops novel self-healing polymers

A team at RIKEN’s Center for Environmental Resources Science has developed a precise copolymerization of ethylene and anisylpropylenes by using a proprietary rare earth catalyst. The new polymer exhibits high elongation (2200%) and excellent self-repairing...

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Hayashibara builds new enzyme and pullulan plant

The  factory is on Hayashibara's Okayama location, scheduled to cost about 7.5 billion yen be operational in September 2020. It is also related to a long-term partnership with Switzerland's Lonza signed in 2018. Hayashibara news release, February 4, 2019 ©...

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