7-7 Japan’s NEDO adopts 14 projects for the bio-production of useful chemicals

The project titles and the responsible project coordinators are

1. Demonstrator for agrochemical active natural products produced by filamentous fungi with improved productivity  Meiji Seika Pharma Co.

2. Demonstrator for implementation of infection control technology using super heat-resistant protease Saraya Co., Osaka University

3. Demonstrator for bio-isopropanol production using Corynebacteria RITE Green Earth Institute Co.

4. Demonstrator for the microbial production of glycyrrhetinic acid and its analogues Sumitomo Chemical Co., Osaka University

5. Demonstrator for production of an antibacterial cyclic lipopeptide by Bacillus species Kaneka Corporation

6. Development of an efficient bio-production method for imidazole dipeptides okai Bussan Co., Waseda University

7. Automated production system for health food additive 10-hydroxy-cis 12-octadecenoic acid HYA®50 Noster Co.

8. Demonstrator for a second generation sugar production system in a paper mill Mitsubishi Paper Mills, Inc.

9. Development of a new wastewater treatment process that enables biomethanation and biofuel production Taisei Corporation, Saitama University, Chubu University, Kazusa DNA Research Institute

10. Demonstrator for a highly integrated sugar production system using epigenetic metabolic conversion technology ACPLANTA Corporation, NTokyo Institute of Technology, Takasaki University of Health and Welfare

11. High-yield production technology of oxidized Glutathione by E. coli fermentation Kaneka Corporation

12. Demonstrator for high-efficiency production of human long-chain ceramide Fukuoka Soy Sauce Brewing Cooperative

13. Mass production system for Potato Cysticercus Hatchery Promoter (PCN-HF) HOKUSAN CO.

14. Development of fermentation technology for polyamide raw materials Toray Industries, Inc.

The projects will run for a maximum period of 5 years, with a budget (including self-financing) of 20 – 100 million JP¥ per year (100 million JP¥ is about 7.7 million €)

NEDO news release, July 7, 2021

7-7 Japan’s NEDO adopts 14 projects for the bio-production of useful chemicals
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