METI held wordwide competition on products for “well-aging” and selected 8 finalists

On October 9, METI held a pitch contest on products designed to support aging people (“First Well-Aging Society Summit Asia-Japan”). The following eight companies were selected as finalists:

GYENNO Technologies, Israel: electronic spoon “GYENNO SPOON” for patients with Parkinson’s disease, a spoon for trembling hands,

Intuition Robotics, Israel: social robot “ElliQ” which secures connection between elderly people and their families and society. ElliQ speaks and sends messages and photos to the family, streams news and music. It also monitors the activities of elderly people,

I’m Soul, Singapore: develops a system “Soundbeam” that plays music in accordance with the motion of the body read with a motion sensor. This will help that the elderly become energized,

mediVR, Japan: exercise rehabilitation treatment equipment utilizing VR (virtual reality),

SoundFun, Japan: a loudspeaker Mirai for people with loss of hearing. Conventional speaker uses cone type diaphragm, whereas the sound fan employs a curved diaphragm. With this structure, a sound is generated with higher energy over a wide frequency range. About 80% of hearing-impaired people said that it became easier to hear the sound,

LongGood MediTech, Taiwan: a virtual physical therapist consisting of a camera, a personal computer, and a television set. Because it is a simple system, it can be set up at home as well as in hospitals for continuous rehabilitation,

VideoVisit Global, Finland: 2/3 of 65 years old and over have some sort of chronic illness. VideoVisit Global has developed a system that integrates functions such as health care, on-line consultation, remote patient monitoring, etc., to support elderly living at home,

DFree Japan: a sensor which captures the filling of the bladder by ultrasonic sensor and informs by app when to go to the toilet,

METI held wordwide competition on products for “well-aging” and selected 8 finalists
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