Based on the genetic information of 160,000 Japanese including 6 million data on 58 clinically relevant items (blood test,s physiological function tests such as blood pressure/ electrocardiogram etc.), a GWAS targeting genetic variations was carrdied out. As a result, 1,400 genetic variations affecting clinical laboratory values ​​were identified. In addition, epigenomic information from 220 types of cell tissues was related to 32 diseases (lifestyle diseases, autoimmune diseases, malignant tumors, psychoneurotic diseases, osteoarthritic diseases). As a result, it was found that (1) blood pressure and lipid values ​​are closely related to lifestyle diseases and have a common genetic background, (2) regulatory T cells are involved in one case of autoimmune disease (Graves’ disease).

RIKEN news release, February 6, 2018