The prize of 300,000 Y per scientist was offered to:
Mitsuhiro Iwaki, 39, RIKEN, Development of DNA nanodevices directed to mechanical control of stem cell differentiation
Ikuo Kimura, 40, Tokyo University of Agriculture and Technology, Elucidation of host energy metabolism control mechanism by intestinal bacterial products
Yuuki Goto, 36, University of Tokyo, Novel bioactive compounds by cell-free biosynthesis
Seiji Takahashi, 44, Tohoku University, Elucidation of natural rubber biosynthesis organization and rubber synthesis in vitro
Yasushi Takahashi, 35, Kanazawa University, Development of an electrochemical microscope with super resolution chemical imaging
Keiko Nishikawa, 41, Osaka University, Research on Functional Foods leading to Prevention and Treatment of Osteoporosis
Shinji Fukuda, 39, Keio University, Comprehensive Understanding of Intestinal Flora, Functions and Creation of New Healthcare Industry by Intestinal Design
Kozuke Honda, 41, Osaka University 41, Production of useful substances by in vitro metabolic engineering” using thermostable enzymes