NEDO initiates “power to hydrogen gas” program based on renewables

The focus of the program will be hydrogen generation and storage, and is scheduled to combine the following subprojects:
organic hydride: Chiyoda Corporation, Yokohama National University
stabilization of hydrogen conversion from renewable energy, focus Hokkaido: Toyota Tsusho Co., NTT Facilities, Kawasaki Heavy Industries, Furein Energy, Tekunoba, Muroran Institute of Technology
power to Gas technology based on a high efficiency solid polymer electrolyte hydrogen production system: Toray
hydrogen production, storage and utilization system using a hydrogen production device with power generation function: Takasago Thermal Engineering, National Institute of Advanced Industrial Science and Technology
control of renewable energy output fluctuations by an electricity and hydrogen energy storage system with emergency power function:
Tohoku University, Maekawa Manufaturing, Iwatani International Co.

NEDO news release, March 3, 2015

NEDO initiates “power to hydrogen gas” program based on renewables
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