Tsuruoka Metabolome Cluster, 鶴岡メタボロームクラスター

The Tsuruoka metabolome cluster aims at the mecca of the metabolome research which leads the world based on the metabolome analysis technology developed at the Keio University advanced bioscience laboratory (IAB).
IAB is a pioneer of the new life science of the integrated system biology which made full use of IT.
Cell activity of an organism or a microbe was comprehensively measured and analyzed using the biotechnology at a tip, analysis and a simulation carried out by computer, and it has applied to fields, such as medicine, environment, and food.
In addition, human Metabolome Technologies, Inc. and Spy Burr,
Research institutions and companies, such as the Keio University Homo sapiens metabolism systems biology center, Institute of Physical and Chemical Research vegetable Scientific Research Center, Nishikawa Keisoku, Inc., and Agilent Technologies, Inc., establish a lab, and joint research in and outside the country etc. are performed actively.
Extended maintenance of the rental lab Tsuruoka metabolome campus” was carried out in the current fiscal year, and it became open in Tsuruoka in this July.

Tsuruoka Metabolome Cluster, 鶴岡メタボロームクラスター
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