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Technology to prevent chicken-egg allergy with egg white enzyme degradation products

A group led by Takashi Igarashi, president of the National Institute of Child Health and Development (NICHD), and Yoshihide Hata, president of Nippon Ham (NIHON HAM), has successfully developed a technology to prevent egg allergy, which is a problem among infants and young children. At present, the research results are from mice (published online in Allergology International on April 18, 2022), but clinical trials have already begun to verify the safety of the technology in humans.

University of Tokyo Develops Finger-shaped Robot Covered with Cultured Skin, World’s First

To construct cultured skin on a flat surface, a collagen solution in which dermal cells are suspended is first gelatinized, and then dermal tissue is cultured on the gel. Then, epidermal cells are seeded on the surface of the cultured dermis to form an epidermal layer. In order to align the flat cultured skin with the surface of the finger-shaped robot, the research group devised the following methods: (1) anchoring the cultured skin at the base of the finger, and (2) seeding epidermal cells while rotating the finger-shaped robot. To create a cultured skin the size of a finger-shaped robot, 10 million cells were used for the dermis and 4 million cells for the epidermis. The team succeeded in creating a uniform skin tissue of approximately 1.5 mm on the surface of the finger-shaped robot.