2024/05 Pharma Foods succeeds to prepare fiber materials from eggshell membranes



2.63 million tons of chicken eggs are used annually in Japan, and about half are sold as raw eggs for home use, while the remaining half are used as liquid eggs for commercial use. During the manufacturing process of liquid eggs, am estimated amount of 260,000 t of eggshells and 10,000 t of eggshell membranes are produced as waste. The eggshells produced during the liquid egg manufacturing process will rot if left unattended Their main component is calcium carbonate.The eggshell membrane is a protein complex containing collagen and cystine, which has the function of not allowing water to pass through but allowing oxygen to take in, and has antibacterial and anti-inflammatory effects to protect fertilized egg cells. The company is already using it as an ingredient in health foods.

The company has developed fibers made by spinning a 1:9 mixture of hydrolyzed and dissolved eggshell membranes and regenerated cellulose fibers. It is named ovoveil and currently studied with textile manufacturers to develop its application.

Eggshell membranes have the advantage of being concentrated in liquid egg manufacturing factories. They could bs used to produce 100,000 tons of fiber which would fully meet the needs of the apparel industry. The global annual production of sheep wool is 1 million tons, and cashmere from cashmere goats, is  20,000 tons a year.

At present, it is recommended that Obovere be added to approximately 30% of the final product. For example, when making T-shirts, the blend is 70% cotton and 30% obovere. Oboveil has a lot of cystine, which is relatively similar to keratin, so physical properties are similar to animal fibers. Textile manufacturers have already praised its good texture,” Koga said. The deputy director reveals. We also evaluated its functionality and confirmed that it improved the skin’s barrier function, measured by the amount of water evaporated from the skin, and kept the skin slightly acidic.

With the support of the New Energy and Industrial Technology Development Organization (NEDO),  the development of next-generation production technology for Ovoveil contains 30% eggshell membranes while utilizing enzymes. We will develop energy storage devices that take advantage of the electrical properties of hydrolyzed eggshell membranes, and develop agricultural fertilizers using eggshell membranes. The company has so far confirmed that eggshell membrane hydrolyzate can be made into nanofibers and used as a power storage device.

2024/05 Pharma Foods succeeds to prepare fiber materials from eggshell membranes
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