Suntory pioneers bowel analysis through gut sound by smartphone

The Suntory Group has released “Gut Note,” a smartphone application utilizing gut sound analysis technology which records the sound of bowel movements through the iPhone’s microphone and analyzes it using artificial intelligence (AI) to understand the state of the bowel, and combines it with information such as frequency of bowel movements and condition of stools to make suggestions on diet and exercise.

The accuracy of the AI in correctly recognizing the bowel sounds measured by the iPhone is said to be between 85% and 90%.

The measurement is made by pressing the smartphone’s microphone against the side of the navel for 60 seconds. The app states that the measurement should be taken on an empty stomach after waking up, because the digestive tract moves after food intake, which affects the bowel sounds. There is little information in the literature on diurnal changes in bowel sounds during waking hours, after eating, and before going to bed,” said Kanekawa, adding that it will be necessary to collect and analyze a variety of data in the future.

The application won the “CES 2023 Innovation Awards” in Las Vegas 2023. The software cannot be downloaded from Germany.

Suntory pioneers bowel analysis through gut sound by smartphone
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