NEDO, the project house of METI, will launch a 32 billion JP¥ (242 million €) program on „next generation ships“, which includes the development of engines fueled by hydrogen and ammonia. In the future, „zero-emission ships“ will emit virtually no greenhouse gases in their operation. According to NEDO, international shipping accounts for about 2.1% of global CO2 emissions. Hydrogen- and ammonia-fueled ship engines have not yet been developed worldwide due to technical issues such as improving combustion control technology. Hydrogen and ammonia, which are gaseous at normal temperatures and pressures, larger storage volumes than conventional fuels and the issue of a „methane slip“ in LNG-powered ships. 

The program will include 4 projects:

  • Development of marine hydrogen engines and marine hydrogen fuel tanks
  • Development of ships equipped with domestic ammonia-fueled engines
  • Integrated project of ammonia-fueled ship development and social implementation
  • Development of technology to reduce methane slip from LNG-fueled ships by improving catalysts and engines

The project consortium will comprise

Kawasaki Heavy Industries, Yanmar Power Technology, Japan Engine Corporation, Japan Shipyard Corporation, IHI,  ITOCHU Corporation Mitsui E&S Machinery, NS United Shipping Corporation, Hitachi Zosen Corporation

NEDO press release, October 26, 2021

© NEDO.From left: liquid hydrogen carrier, oil tanker and bulk carrier ship based on hydrogen engines