In this project on CO2 capture, utilization, and storage (CCUS), research and development on liquefaction and storage systems for CO2 suitable for long-distance and mass transportation will be done. From around the end of fiscal 2023, the project will verify the technologies necessary for the operation and management of an integrated transport system in which CO2 emitted from a coal-fired power plant in Maizuru City, Kyoto Prefecture, on an annual scale of 10,000 tons will be liquefied at a shipping terminal, transported by ship, and received at a terminal in Tomakomai City, Hokkaido. This is expected to be the world’s first demonstration test of marine transportation of liquefied CO2 for the purpose of CCUS.

Project period: FY2021 – FY2026 (planned)

Budget: 16 billion yen (planned) (equivalent to 100 million €)

NEDO news release, June 22, 2021

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