“Society 5.0” is seen as a human-centered society where people can live a comfortable, vibrant and high-quality life by providing goods and services that respond to individual needs. In Society 5.0, a huge amount of information from sensors in the physical space is accumulated in the cyber space, and AI analyzes big data. The result are fed back to the humans in the physical space in various forms, and new value will be brought to industry and society. Basic technology consists of four research and development items, (1) cognitive interaction support technology (such as development of work training and support system for workers contributing to productivity improvement by fusion with AI (adopted theme, (2) advanced multimodal dialogue processing technology (development of spoken dialogue system using dialogue scenarios contributing to elderly care nursing, (3) learning support technology (development of tailor-made education to propose optimal learning materials), and (4)nursing care support technology (development of AI technology to support autonomous symbiosis of dementia patients. The program will run through FY2022.

NEDO news release, December 4, 2018