Digital Garage is developing next-generation technologies that focus on block chains, AI, VR/AR, security, and health. As a leading company that provides services on personal health records (PHR), Wellby plans, develops and operates treatment support digital services for patients with chronic diseases. Through this tie-up, the two companies will aim to evolve PHR services with state-of-the-art technologies such as block chains and AI and aim to build platforms for individual-centered health and medical information. Block chain technology is considered an optimum technology for managing data accumulated in PHR, becoming an element of security strengthening in the healthcare field dealing with individuals health data. In the future, the consortium hopes to link PHR with local governments, national health insurance, health insurance, medical institutions, nursing care providers, pharmacies, insurance companies / pharmaceutical companies, health-related businesses, etc., health and medical information centered on individuals Aim for platform construction.

Digital Garage Co. news release, August 1, 2018