NEDO defines 8 topics for „smart cell industry“

Within the “smart cell industry” project, industrial materials will be produced from plants and microbial cells. The 8 topics are:

  1. Development of robust microorganisms and simple production process

JGC, Soujo University, Nara Institute of Science and Technology

  1. Research on conversion of feedstock to C4 chemical products

Chitose Institute Co., Daicel Corporation

  1. Development of a plant genome technology platform to accelerate creation and advanced utilization of new plant genetic resources

Meiji University, Tokushima University

  1. R&D of smart cell selection technology by non-labeled metabolic analysis using high performance Raman flow cytometry

Euglena Corporation, University of Tokyo

  1. Isoprene and highly functional isoprene derivatives production technology from plant raw materials

Mitsubishi Chemical Research Co., Bridgestone Corporation, JSR Corporation, Mitsubishi Chemical Corporation

  1. Screening for useful monomer compounds

Institute of Physical and Chemical Research, National Institute of Advanced Industrial Science and Technology

  1. R&D of improved methods for genome editing of plants

Becks Co., Kyushu University

  1. Research and deep learning analysis on gene expression of anaerobic microorganisms and high efficiency of methane production by real time analysis of odors

Hitachi Zosen Corporation

NEDO news release, July 31, 2018

NEDO defines 8 topics for „smart cell industry“
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