Urine examination is indispensable in medical institutions when examining the functions of kidney, bladder, urethra, etc. TOTO’s new system measures urination volume from rising water level by means of a drain pipe with a sensor in the toilet bowl. Patient information is barcoded and stored with barcoded information from the sensor, allowing urine volume over 24 hours. Urine flow measurement is measured by dividing urine volume by urine flow time, and maximum urine flow rate can so be determined over time. Indices such as hesitation time” and “seating detection time”A are also included, by relating urine flow to how long a person is sitting on the toilet seat. All data can be telemetrically recorded. The new “Flowsky” model automatically disinfects the toilet seat using nozzles of hot water and by ectrolyzing tap water containing chlorine to produce hypochlorous acid with bactericidal action. Hypochlorous acid decreases over time and returns to the same state as the original tap water. Furthermore, options were added for the toilet seat, hot water temperature control, remote control to manage nozzle cleaning, and toilet seat lid option. The price without lid of the toilet seat is 2.1 million to 2.55 million yen, the type with the lid is 2,350,000 yen to 2,570,000 yen.”

TOTO news release, May 17, 2018