In cooperation with two Japanese space-related research organizations, researchers at the school of bioinformatics of Kyoto University have developed a „world mesh code“ where world position information is linked with latitude, longitude and area division, based on satellite big data compressed to 1/337 at high speed. The global land area altitude data were taken from ASTER GDEM, a huge data source covering the entire world, obtained from the satellite sensor ASTER developed by METI for NASA’s satellite Terra. Using these and other data, a statistical database of global land altitudes was created and released free of charge, . It can be used for prediction of risk from tsunami damage on a global scale. In addition, correlation analysis can also be performed with other statistical data linked with the world mesh code, such as exploration of underground resources, water resources management, or flood prevention measures. The land altitude database created with this world mesh code system covers more than 150 countries and regions worldwide

JST news release, February 15, 2018