Members of the consortium are Yoshidado Co., Japan Ocean Drilling Co., Japan Marine United Co., Hitachi Zosen Corp., Kyoto University, Toyo Construction Co., TEPCO Holdings Co., Oobayashi Corp., TEPCO Design Co., Hitachi, Ltd., University of Tokyo, Kyushu University, Maeda Construction Industry Co., Glocal Corp., Koga Construction Co., Power Development Co., Maritime / Harbor / Aeronautical Research Institute, Nippon Steel Sumikin Engineering Co., Gokyo Corporation Construction Co., and HIKIKI WIND ENERGY Co. In this project, cost reduction effects on technology of basic structures suitable for the sea bottom topography of Japan, construction technology to shorten the construction period at the ocean, and maintenance management for these technologies will be examined. Technical validity is evaluated by simulation.

NEDO news release, July 27, 2017