The consortium from Kyoto University, Noritake Co., IHI Corporation, Nippon Shokubai Co., Toyota Industries, Mitsui Chemicals and Tokuyama Co. constructed a direct ammonia fuel cell, where ammonia gas is directly supplied to one side of a zirconia electrode, and air to the opposite air electrode. 30 single fuel cell were stacked, minimizing temperature distribution so that ammonia could flow evenly through each cell. A stable continuous operation for 1000 hours with 1 kW power generation at 50 % efficiency was achieved. If a mixed gas supply of ammonia and air was partially burnt in an autothermal reactor using a catalyst of honeycomb structure, a fast startup of 130 seconds was possible to achieve 500 ° C outlet gas temperature. If a mixed gas containing hydrogen generated by such reactor was supplied to the SOFC stack, this fuel supply system also succeeded in continuous power generation of 1 kW.

JST news release, July 7, 2017