The team of Matsuhisa NAOJI at the University of Tokyo has found that silver nanoparticles silver nanoparticles are formed naturally merely by mixing silver flakes of micrometer size with rubber and lead to a stretchable material with a conductivity of 4972 S/cm which remains high at 935 S/cm when extended to 5 times the orginal length. This stretchable conducting material can be printed as a paste on any material that stretches and contracts, such as rubber or textile. The group then created a pressure and temperature sensor on a highly elastic polyurethane substrate and transferred onto the textile substrate using hot melt technology, and the elastic sensors were connected with the elastic conductor paste. This allowed to accurately read temperature and pressure information on the surface of humans and robots. The results are part of the JST ERATO Someya Bio-Harmonized Electronics Project,

JST news release, May 16, 2017