The module, built by Nisshinbo Mechatronics Co., has a total power generation and heat collection efficiency of 78.0% (power generation efficiency 15.5%, heat collection efficiency 62.5%). The hybrid module consists of a 160 W solar cell composed of 36 monocrystalline silicon cells with a double sided glass structure and a 160 W solar cell made from special carbon black added elastomer material. A spiral shaped 40 m cross-linked polyethylene tube is placed in the structure, wrapped into the same special elastomer material. The wavelength-converting function of this special elastomer material makes it possible to convert infrared rays contained in sunlight into far-infrared rays easily absorbed by water, thereby adopting a new heat collection mechanism that efficiently produces hot water.
140 modules will be shortly installed on a test field in Daito, Kakegawa.

NEDO news release, November 24, 2016