NEDO starts new demonstration projects on biomass energy

In this project, biomass species such as wood-based, wet-based, urban-based and mixed system will be evaluated for feasibility, deployment requirements and value-chains for recycling biomass from cities and agricultural areas. Participants are:
• Takenaka Corporation
• Chiba Prefecture (biomass from livestock manure)
• Akan Agricultural Cooperatives
• Hokkaido Air Water Co., Ltd.
• Hokkaido (fuel reduction by bamboo reforming)
• Hitachi, Ltd.
• Fukuoka Prefecture (forest waste recirculation)
• Sanyo Chip Industrial Co., Ltd.
• EECL Ltd.
• Yamaguchi Prefecture (woody biomass energy)
• Nagano forestry association
• Nagano Prefecture (integrated regional wood heat utilization system for woodlands)
• Tokai University
• Tokyu Resort Service
• Nagano Prefecture
The focus will be on biogas and methane fermentation at high temperature (about 55 ℃) with biomass of low moisture content. Wastewater emissions as compared to wet methane fermentation should be small.

NEDO news release, November 4, 2016

NEDO starts new demonstration projects on biomass energy
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