The procedure, approved in Korea in 2012, is based on the excision of 4cm of joint toward the center of the patella, exposing the affected part. A whole of up to 4mm diameter and 4mm deep is then dug into the affected area. In this hole, CARTISTEM (a mixture of bamboon mesenchymal stem cells and hyaluronic acid) is filled. In JS hospital, from December 2013 to August 2014, this procedure was used in 86 patients of average age 41, 36 men and 50 women. In the follow-up for one year, the WOMAC scale was 59-23 is OA of the rating scale, IKDC to evaluate the function of the knee is changed to 29.7 to 59.9, and found that you are both greatly improved.

Lecture of Ki-Taek HONG at Asia Cell Therapy Symposium ACTO05 in Seoul, August 20, 2015