the Okinawa クワンソウ eaten when you cannot sleep from the Ryukyu Dynasty age — the present age — Okinawa tradition Shimano — the usefulness is handed down as a vegetable.
Som ノクエスト began the proof of the various efficacy by an animal experiment, and the safety test for a maximum of six months over five years, and it has proved the efficacy and safety, such as extraction of only an active fraction, and a double blind crossover examination by Homo sapiens, and the efficacy which is useful for various insomnia and recovery from fatigue.
The relevance to the anti-stress effect in extraction extractives ヒプノカリス”, the recovery-from-fatigue effect by sleep improvement, and various insomnia improvements, etc. are advancing research further now also about the influence and mechanism of action not only to the influence on a peripheral blood style but the central nerves.