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[img|436|RIKEN Yokohama Institute]RIKEN Yokohama Institute was established in 2000. The Institute focuses on life science research from the perspectives of omic space”, from the molecular level through to the whole organism, through its Plant Science Center, the Center for Genomic Medicine, the Research Center for Allergy and Immunology, the Omics Science Center, the Systems and Structural Biology Center, the Bioinformatics And Systems Engineering division, and the Center of Research Network for Infectious Diseases. Director is Dr Kenji OKUMA.”

(Dr Toshihiro TANAKA), Autoimmune Diseases (Dr Kazuhiko YAMAMOTO), Bone and Joint Diseases (Dr Shiro IKEGAWA), Respiratory Diseases (Dr Mayumi TAMARI), Endocrinology and Metabolism (Dr Shiro MAEDA) and Digestive Diseases (Dr Kazuaki CHAYAMA). Detailed information in English on the targets of each group are available on the website.