[link|206|Otsuka Pharmaceutical website] is a company engaged in pharmaceuticals, diagnostics and consumer products. The headquarters are located in Tokyo. Established in 1964, capital is 20 billion Yen (~ 175 million €). Otsuka Pharmaceutical is a 100 % subsidiary of [b]Otsuka Holdings[/b], which was established in 2008 with a capital of 81.7 billion yen (~ 717 million €) (as of December 15, 2010). [link|525|Otsuka Holdings website]. The Otsuka Group’s Pharmaceutical Business is conducted mainly by Otsuka Pharmaceutical Co., Taiho Pharmaceutical Co., and Otsuka Pharmaceutical Factory, Inc., in the four fields of pharmaceuticals, I.V. solutions, diagnostic agents, and medical devices. Net sales of [b]Otsuka Pharmaceuticals[/b] in FY2010 were 465,8 billion Yen (~ 4,1 billion €), ~72 % in pharmaceuticals and ~ 28 % in consumer products. President is Mr Taro IWAMOTO. The Otsuka Group has a total of 145 companies in and outside Japan (116 subsidiaries, 28 affiliates, and Otsuka Holdings).
[file|44|Otsuka Group, Annual Report 2010]