Osaka University 大阪大学、阪大

[link|135|Osaka University] was founded in 1911 and is among the largest universities in Japan. It ranks among the top 5 Japanese universities. Its ~ 26.000 students -+ (~2.500 master course and doctor students) are taught by ~ 3.000 full-time and ~ 2.900 part-time academic staff. The budget in FY 2010 was 130.177 billion Yen (~1,17 billion €). President is Professor [b]Kiyokazu WASHIDA[/b].
Science Departments of Osaka University are located on two campuses:
[img|127|Osaka University, Suita Campus] [b]Suita Campus[/b]
This is the largest campus, were the schools of human sciences, medicine, dentistry, pharmaceutical sciences, engineering, and joint-use facilities are located.

[img|128|Osaka University, Toyonaka Campus][b]Toyonaka campus [/b]
This campus hosts the university library, schools of letters, law, economics, science, engineering science and other facilities.
Among the 11 Schools are the Schools of Science, Medicine, Dentistry, Pharmaceutical Sciences, Engineering, Engineering Science. There are also 6 independent graduate schools, including the Graduate School of Frontier Biosciences, and 5 Research Institutes, which include the Research Institute for Microbial Diseases, Institute of Scientific and Industrial Research, and the Institute for Protein Research. In addition, there are 2 University Hospitals, Osaka University Hospital and Osaka University Dental Hospital.

Osaka University 大阪大学、阪大
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