A reconstructed ancestral sortase permits for conjugation of protein to protein or protein to carrier Sortases are prokaryotic enzymes that modify surface proteins by recognizing and cleaving a carboxyl-terminal sorting signal. A team of Japanese scientists has reconstructed an ancestral sortase E, named AcSE5, through a combination of sequence data mining and ancestral sequence reconstruction. AcSE5 is a Ca2+ independent sortase and recognizes donors with LAETG at their C-termini. It […]

NEDO initiates program on carbon neutrality in waste and resource circulation The announced budget is 44.5 billion yen (– 275 million €) for the period of 2023 – 2030. The current four project groups and their leaders are   Project name Project leader 1 Development of an overall Carbon Nitrogen waste incineration system based on CO2 separation and recovery Nittetsu Engineering Corporation 2 Development of […]

Biotech budgets 2024 of the Japanese government Nikkei Biotech has reviewed the biotech budgets of the Japanese government for 2024. Japan’s bio-related budget for 2024 remains unchanged at 180.4 billion yen, strengthening cranial nerve disease research and food security Ministry of Health, Labor and Welfare promotes research into elucidating the pathology and diagnosis of dementia. Ministry of Economy, Trade and Industry […]

Thermal decomposition of CO2 using CeO2 and hercynite As part of the NEDO-funded “International Collaborative Research and Development of Solar Heat Collection Reactor for Carbon Dioxide Decomposition” Niigata University, the Institute of Industrial Science of the University of Tokyo, Shinshu University and the University of Colorado Boulder have developed a technology that uses a new reactive substance to decompose carbon dioxide by […]

2024/01 Japan: a survey on current clinical trials for cell medicines and cell sheets

In a recent article in Nikkei Biotech, the state of registration of regenerative medicine products in Japan was summarized and discussed. At present, there are 16 products of which 2 were conditionally approved and 14 are in various stages of clinical testing. Current CAR-T-related and gene therapy studies were not included in this list. […]

2ß23/12 Kao introduces gallic acid made by synthetic biology On December 13, 2023, Kao announced that it will begin B-to-B sales of gallic acid in Japan (product name: GA-100 BIO), produced by utilizing genetically engineered coryneform bacteria. Gallic acid is an aromatic compound found in the insect galls of the poison ivy plant, and is used as a chemical necessary for semiconductor circuit […]

NEDO consortium pioneers ground improvement with CO2-fixed cement In  Japan, approximately 8 million tons or approximately 20% of domestic cement demand are used annually for ground improvement. Takenaka, Kajima and Denka Corporation are developing carbon negative concrete CUCO® that emits virtually no carbon dioxide (CO2) during the concrete manufacturing process.  Takenaka Corporation has recently developed a “CUCO®-CO2 fixation ground improvement method which […]

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